In your corner, wearing the blue pant suit, with over 30 years of financial experience, yooooooour Net Worth Manager!

It’s nice to have someone in your corner.

The concept of the Net Worth Manager arose during a period of time where the term “Financial Advisor”, could be used pretty much interchangeably with “Financial Salesperson”. Despite playing the role of your budget confidant, a financial advisor’s primary responsibility is to sell you a product that fixes your problem, just like every other sales person in the world. Is it wrong? Well, ya if you end up paying for something you don’t need!

When did financial planning change from a service business to a product business?

Rather than dwell on how it happened, let’s instead find out how to bring that service component back, and therein lies the Net Worth Manager, and the Net Worth Management Program. Rather than sell you products to get you out of debt, or reach financial goals, the Net Worth Manager looks at what you actually have, and helps you optimize it all to achieve your life goals.

What about all that other financial stuff… taxes, benefits, insurance, investments, pension?

The great thing about ditching the sales person managing your finances is that your new Net Worth Manager has no vested interest in anything except your success. They connect you to financial specialists in each of these areas, tying each aspect into your same cohesive plan, and holding them accountable in their role in achieving your goals.

So what‘s in this big plan?

Well the first thing to know is you’re not going to get a ton of product options bombarded in your direction, the Net Worth Manager just doesn’t work like that. You have an income, you have expenses, you have assets, and you have goals, and you need them optimized to have more of the good, and less of the bad.

FIRST – A financial plan will be developed, that will figure out how to maximize the money you have coming in, based on the debt and expenses that you are required to pay. Your Manager will work on each of those buckets to figure out how debt can be consolidated, expenses can be eliminated, and revenue streams can be grown.

SECOND – After reviewing the plan, you and Your Manager will identify your goals, dreams, and targets, and analyze realistic ways of achieving them. It’s not about “get rich quick” – if it was that easy, everyone would do it. But you would be surprised at how easy it is to find an extra hundred, five hundred, a thousand dollars, even more money a month, just from reviewing and planning out your financials.

THIRD – The big one. The one that matters. The one piece that if left unchecked can blow up the whole operation. Execution. We are all busy, and all human, and are all mostly in agreement that managing the books is just not much fun, and that goes double for your own! Your Manager’s mission is to break through that and keep everyone focused. It’s more than a launch, it’s a movement, and action makes things happen. Your Manager will keep in touch with you on a regular basis, finding ways to update, alter, and move forward with different aspects of the living, breathing, and evolving financial plan.

I got this.

The road to your goals are built, but sometimes that drive just seems so long. When the time comes to ask for help, you need to make sure you’re getting the person reading the map, not trying to sell you a new car. If you have more questions about the role of a Net Worth Manager, and the Net Worth Management program, send us a message today. Because it’s nice to have someone in your corner.